Monday, April 13, 2020

Working from Home

Today marks four weeks coined 'working from home'.   In addition to my daily deeds, I've had plenty of time to ponder, observe and evaluate life.

I believe Marianne Williamson said it best:  "I don't think it's naive to think we can learn to live like brothers on this planet; I think it's naive to think we can survive on this planet another hundred years if we do not."

As far as I'm concerned, we're living the aftermath of self absorption.  Add a pandemic to entitlement, a crumbling economy, distorted hierarchy and idiocy, we're in crisis.  For our generations, these are uncharted waters.

In the grande scheme of things, my opinion is irrelevant.  To be frank, so is yours.  I'm current on Tiger King.  My immunizations are up to date, sans flu shot.  I've quadruple checked the facts, followed the stats, debated the variables, weighted the theories.  All input and supposed expertise aside, I don't feel one particular 'issue' is responsible for our downfall.  Do you?  Regardless, we remain in crisis.  Somewhere between fact and fiction, the pros and the cons, lies reality.

Currently, there are many things at stake.  Let's start here . . . Normalcy.  Lives.  Businesses.  Jobs.  Systems.  Education.  Well being.  Security.  Homes.  Finances.  Disagreements.  Relationships.  Hearts.  Sobriety.  Mental health.  Sanity.  The list goes on.

On the flip side, lots to be thankful for . . . Democratic rights.  Freedom of expression.  Differences of opinions.  Essential workers and services.  Healthcare.  Technology.  Financial aide.  Quality time.  Connection.  Shift in priorities.  A reality check.

I believe this situation is an opportunity to check your shit at the door.  Seriously!  Crisis doesn't create character, it reveals it.  What will you choose to reveal?  Fear?  Hate?  Control?  Anger?  Judgement?  Envy?  Acceptance?  Understanding?  Leadership?  Grace?  Humility?  Pride?

As for me, I'm going to open-mindedly move forward in hope & patience for betterment of all mankind.  There shall be a latte in my hand, compassion in my heart and a big ole tip for my hairdresser (when save to see her), who I deem an essential service in ‘my’ world.

Regardless of our wants/needs, political beliefs, religious practices or socioeconomic background, this is our shared reality, let's not live in contempt.  Let's strive towards common good.

Cheers to a peaceful day.  I send you virtual hugs and a gentle reminder to you people . . . wash your damn hands.