Sunday, March 15, 2020

My 2 Bits

And here we have . . . My 2 bits!

A pandemic is lurking. Period. End sentence.  Whatchy'all doing?

To be honest . . . I'm confused. Can't even tell which bandwagon some of y'all are on.  Some are reacting in fear.  Some are completely focused on the action of others; which is a great avoidance tactic by the way.  Most are ignoring FACTS.  Yep, facts!   Fear is one thing; leads to hysteria, TP shortages, ya get it.  Denial is another; keeps ya justified in your own beliefs, no matter how warped they are.  I believe we have a moral obligation to protect ourselves and others.  Some people are so self absorbed, it literally rattles my mind.  Know what??  This is an opportunity for life lessons and teaching personal accountability. If I was your mother, you'd all have known this by now. Geesh. As for the facts, scientifically they speak for themselves.

To little Johnny that sports have been canceled - simply stated, you'll survive.  Contrary to what's being fostered, these cancellations are NOT primarily about you.

To Johnny's mama - teach Johnny that the world does not revolve around him nor his accomplishment.  This should NOT be used an opportunity to breed entitlement.  Use caution with your words and please, teach Johnny to respect the decisions of others.

To the emergency and health care workers - I salute you!

To the retail and front line workers - thank you!  You're doing a mighty fine job.

To the elderly - please stay home. Your wellbeing is important. Time for others to take charge.

To those in a position of authority, leadership, social representation - I respect you.  I may not agree with you, but I can respect the time, vulnerability, research, care and concern put in to each decision currently being made.  Times are difficult.

To those in need - please ask for help.  There is no shame in asking for help be it financial, resources, assistance. Please speak.  There are kind, compassionate people out there and it’s their time to shine.

To those infected with this nasty bug - you are loved.  Please seek the help you need sooner than later.

To the immune compromised or people at high risk - you do you!  You know what you need to do. Don’t let Naysayer Nelly sway you looking after you.

To those travelling abroad - stay safe and please get your butts home.

To be clear, I know people (or personally may be) represented in each of the groupings above.

Time for some basic human decency and respect.  End rant. Over and out 💚

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