Tuesday, March 10, 2020

. . . all about perspective!

I snapped this pic @ 6:08 this Tuesday morn.

Upon first sight, I called it "Beautiful".
By mid day, I'd dubbed the picture "The Reason I'm Bitchy Today".

Naming a pic ‘twas a reminder that life really is about . . . perspective.

Had been a short night sleep due to my witchy werewolfy nature and a full moon.  Uggghhhhh!  Actually two nights of short sleep, but who's counting?  Morning started with enthusiasm and a positive perspective . . .  Beautiful!   By mid day. The tables had turned. Eek!!  I was tired and bitchy. Oops, didn’t mean to go there.  Reality check. Time to change perspective. Reminded myself that at any moment, you choose. That’s rights, CHOOSE your thoughts and your feelings, and your actions!  So off to the candy store. Lol. An afternoon walk, lil sugar fix and a fresh brewed Java was all it took, to change the glasses through which I was looking.  Moving forward when I’m feeling a lil grumpy, I shall remind myself that in order to change my perspective, I simply must . . . change my fucking glasses!!!  Perhaps you should, too???

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