Sunday, December 28, 2014

Annual Greetings . . .

It’s been a while . . . I believe 2010 was my last kick at the annual greeting.  As I watch the incoming mail dwindle, I am reminded that giving is receiving.  Soooo, here is our year in review . . .

HOCKEY.  Tyson enjoyed his last year of Midget hockey.  Not gonna lie . . . I hit the depths of hell after that last game.  I seriously thought my life was over.  Hockey has been our life for the past 13 years.  As a devoted hockey family, we travelled the rural rinks of Alberta with passion and vengeance!  Contrary to my thoughts of life being over on that cold March 1st day . . . life has resumed.  Surprisingly it has remained fulfilling and although I sincerely miss the eau da hockey, the rink politics and drama, my life has continued.  WOW!!  Who’da thunk??  Tyson misses the game but is staying involved with a local youth hockey program.

FIGURE SKATING.  Now, this does keep me at the rink, but my fellow skate mom’s know that it’s just not the same as hockey, for me!  Mikayla presently skates 5 days a week.  Now that’s a busy week!  Mikayla’s love for skating landed her with the ‘Guenette Award’ last spring at her Award Banquet.  Criteria for this award being the most promising skater.  Pretty proud moment for here, and mom!  Sure makes those countless hours of the cold rink worthwhile!  She continues to excel in her development.  Recently landing her axel and double jumps are great excuses for eating ice cream for supper!

GRAD 2014!  Tyson graduated in June.  WOW!!  Now that’s a day of reckoning for a mom!  All those days I wondered if I was doing enough, being enough, contributing enough to the development of my kiddo all celebrated in ONE big day!  So proud of the young man Tyson has become.  He is presently enrolled in grade 13, upgrading some courses in preparation of his future endeavours.  I’m pretty proud that he determined (on his own) at age 18 that his devotion, preparedness, and success in life is determined by none other than him!  Looks like his future shall include making a sh*t load of money in business!  Yeah for him!

MUSIC.  Only one kid left pursuing lessons and that is Mikayla in guitar.  She was very excited to learn a Taylor Swift tune and could be found strumming and singing ‘Fifteen’ over and over and over and over, again!  She wishes to take piano lessons again, but who knows?  So far, guitar and skating keep her busy.  She partook in the annual Music Festival last spring and happily brought home some fabulous certificates.

MORGAN.  She gets her own paragraph as she’s not the type to be the centre of attention.  Morgan is our back bone.  Our biggest supporter and, our biggest cheerleader.  Whether we need a pat on the back, or a kick in the a$$, Morgan is our girl!  Morgan coached gymnastics till June of this year.  She has worked at BP’s for about a year and a half now.  She has recently given her ‘move out’ notice as she will graduate this coming year.  She plans to move to Edmonton where she will pursue travel, photography, and a Bachelor of Education, in no particular order.  I have no doubt this girl will make a difference where ever she goes!

LIFE!  We keep busy with school, rink, work, school, rink, work!  Having 2 kiddos with driver’s licenses is surely a blessing as I have more time to b-r-e-a-t-h-e and nap!  Tyson travelled to Italy in April – what an amazing experience for him!  I wasn’t keen on the fact that I barely heard from him whilst half way around the world, but hey I understand, you’re and adult now!  Mikayla played soccer in the spring.  I took my first, and most likely last, kick at coaching her team.  Although I loved the interactions with kids, I know it’s best to bow out gracefully!  I keep busy following these kiddos, volunteering and working.  Morgan and I shall be grad dress shopping in the very near future and I greatly look forward to celebrating her accomplishments!  She has some travel planned for the upcoming year.  Looks like Mikayla and I shall need to find ourselves some hobbies, as we experience the empty nesting that comes with adult turkey lurkey’s.  On that note, I best sign off . . . perhaps go wrangle some squirrels, or something!
I hope this note finds everyone healthy and happy!

Sending loads of love, laughter, hugs and smiles . . .
Laura, Tyson, Morgan & Mikayla