Monday, August 29, 2011

O Siem . . . we are all family!

Rest in Peace Marilyn Rose (Noskye) Pue
April 24, 1958  to August 21, 2011

Click To Listen: Susan Aglukark ~ O Siem

Sadly, this morning I attended a funeral service for my sister, my friend.  We first met in 1976, I was 7 and Marilyn was 18.  Through marriage Marilyn and I became step-foster sisters.  She quickly became an influential person in my world.  She introduced me to life with an older sibling and blessed our home with sweet little nieces.  She taught me how to iron, bake, craft, and smile.  Now ironing was a talent I didn't long possess, I was thankful for her patience and willingness to teach and share.  Marilyn became known as NoNo around our house and always wore the biggest of smiles!

As I sat at the service this morning, I quickly realized how different our lives had become . . . differences based on generation, experience, culture, and beliefs; and yet how similar our lives remained . . . based on family values and love.  As I listened to the music and the words spoken, I was reminded of a beautiful free spirit who touched the hearts of many.  I left the service very humbled and honored to have had the opportunity to share in Marilyn's life.

Dearest NoNo, you will be sadly missed . . . you have left behind a legacy with a beautiful family and memories galore!  I'm thankful for our paths having crossed and trust that we shall meet again.

A little reminder . . . always be kind, you never (I mean NEVER) know the impact you may have on some one's life.  Never underestimate the significance of a smile, a glance, an open door, a touch, a moment! 

I Believe . . . we are all family!

Love and death are the two great hinges on which all human sympathies turn. ~ B.R. Hayden

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