Thursday, June 16, 2011

My 1000 mile journey . . .

They say the journey of 1,000 miles begins with one step. The past six years I’ve spent on an in-depth journey of self-discovery and personal development. I have a tendency to take things to the nth degree and this delve into my inner most thoughts, feelings, and behaviors has been no exception. I believe I’ve traveled those miles which six year ago seemed like an impossible feat! I’ve spent more than my fair share of time in unhealthy relationships and on my journey, I’ve experienced an upheaval of memories and emotions which were to say the least . . . gut wrenching, heart aching, and mind bending! I have read countless books on self development and spirituality, completed 12 step programs, partook in life coaching, assisted coaching life development programs, assisted with Challenge Day, and spent weeks at a time in retreat settings . . . . literally tearing myself apart bit by bit, learning about myself and in essence human behaviors, needs, and development. Through this experience I am pleased to have found my authentic self ~ that being an open, honest woman of integrity and am excited to live within my sacred truth.
Several years ago I worked with an amazing man who recommended the Choices program.  It took a bit (well, maybe a lot) of convincing and off I went for what became the 'most' influential point in my life.  I had the pleasure of sharing some time with this man of integrity over the last few days, which served as a pleasant reminder of the value of authenticity.  In the years we’ve known each other, each of us has endured many experiences and we are so lucky to be able to reconnect on the basis of openness, trust, and honesty.

I've had 'many' people ask me what I've done in terms of personal development or what I recommend.  Here in chronological order is a list of the Choices retreats I've attended:

Choices - March 2005
Givers I - May 2005
Givers II - July 2005

First Time Coaching - Choices - January 2006
Givers I - February 2006
Givers II - March 2006
me and S.E.  our peeps - B.D., J.N., M.S., T.D., T.M.

Relationship Seminar - Kelowna, BC - October 2006

Super Choices - Chase, BC - March 2007

Second Time Coaching - Choices - July 2007
Givers I - September 2007
Givers II - October 2007
me and K.C.  our peeps - A.A., D.F., J.B., J.T., S.G.

Super Givers - Chase, BC - October 2007

Third Time Coaching - Choices - July 2008
Givers I - September 2008
Givers II - October 2008
me and I.B.  our peeps - G.H., G.F., M.F., T.H., T.L.

Choices Teen Camp - Lake Isle, AB - August 2008

Below is a link to the Choices program which I HIGHLY recommend:

For me the Choices journey was heaven sent!  I am thankful for every lesson and value learned and my only regret . . . is that I didn’t attend sooner. 

I Believe . . . I am a courageous woman passionately making a difference in the world, challenging others to great heights, inspiring them to seek and embrace the best in themselves.

"Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says I'll try again tomorrow. " — Mary Anne Radmacher

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