Wednesday, February 9, 2011

It's Independence Day!

In my rear view mirror, my life is getting clearer . . .

I spend a great deal of time learning about life, thoughts, feelings, emotions, and actions - focusing on relationships with myself and others, dreams, and desires.  I LOVE people and take great pride in learning about them on a deeper level.  I am NOT a fan of superficial relationships and devote myself to learning about the depths of people and understanding what makes them 'tick'.  The most important person you'll ever get to know is yourself.

As I watched Oprah yesterday, twins Kellie and Kathie revealed their story of being raped by their father and brothers, chills ran down my spine.  What a horrific reality for these young girls.  The reality for these girls or what their family came to know as 'normalcy' frightens me!

I watch people work so hard to maintain the 'status quo' of their life and their relationships and often wonder, WHY?  Status quo is defined as:  the way things currently are; normal conditions.  I challenge you to take a look at your 'normal' and determine if how you function on a daily basis is truly working for you and the people around you.  So often I witness people loose themselves or those they care about, by sacrificing themselves, their spirit, their minds, their beliefs, minimizing their feelings and/or their thoughts all to maintain the 'status quo'.  I experience this as a tremendous loss.  Why?

Sincerely take a look at your relationships; with yourself, family, friends . . . . are you functioning in a positive manner that serves those involved??  Are your relationships functional or preceded by the letters DYS??  Dysfunction comes in many shapes and sizes.  Many labels to define it.  I believe . . . dysfunction - is anything that takes away from who you are or who you have the potential to become.

Sadly, I've experienced both inside and out, more than my fair share of dysfunctional relationships.  Relationships that required sacrificing ones self to maintain the 'status quo'.  What I've come to realize is that NO amount of 'the way things are' is worth sacrificing yourself, your dreams nor your desires.  The BIG ole world can be a bully some days - kind of a dog eat dog sceanario!  It frightens me to see greatness sacrificed due to  fear.  Personally I believe . . . its time to make some noise, take a stand, make a difference, ruffle some feathers, change the dance!  I challenge you to stand up for something you believe in OR make a change to something that is not working for you - in essence change the dance.

Speaking of dance . . . I love music and find these lyrics speak to my heart.  Today - It's Independence Day!  (Click below to listen and view video - be sure to watch till the end - that's when the dance is changed)

Lost Highway by Bon Jovi on YouTube

P.S. . . ilovemorgan (she hacked my post and I love her for it)

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