Friday, January 14, 2011

Today's Excursion!

This is similar to the downtown traffic route today - OMG!

This is what I wished I had driven to work this morning - may not have been so concerned about the 'shape' of my bumpers by the end of the day!

Yep . . . that's me . . . just your regular down town trip to the bank!

Well, after my morning excursion, which included a mountain climbing expedition, a game of 'bumper' dodging, and an unexpected tour like a mouse in a maze . . . it is apparent that my town and I view the term 'Infrastructure' in different ways!

This morning as I head to work, I notice that the local authorities have decided that today is the day to clear the thick, thick, snow covered streets!  When I approach the core of downtown the snow removal has commenced and each street is graced with a mountainous berm of ice and snow.  Now this may sound like a pretty sight but believe me there was nothing pretty about it!  I watched people walk, climb, crawl, and fall over the berms.  Vehicles were parked like fallen objects amongst the street and I've never witnessed so many near misses in one day.  Today I was greatly thankful for four wheel drives, a valid insurance policy, warm winter boots, and a back door pass to my office building - so I could avoid the street scene!

I spent the day at work listening to back up alarms and the constant scrap and grind of metal upon frozen ice, snow, and pavememt, at least I've told myself thats what the sounds were!  I've yet to shake these visions or sounds from my head and the forecast suggest that there is more snow to fall - yikes!
I haven't seen this amount of snow in a looooooong time and believe me Mother Nature, I didn't miss it!  I often wonder why I continue to live in this neck of the woods?  I love water and definately prefer it over snow . . . be it rain, a hot tub, bath, pond, creek, lake, river, or ocean!  Anyway you look at water, you don't have to shovel it!

I snapped these pictures while out to the arena to pick up my favorite son this eve . . .

outside our local arena

street in front of our local arena

driving home

our cul de sac
These pictures attest to the severity of the 2011 Northern Alberta Winter! 

 Dear Mother Nature . . . . I remind you I prefer flip flops and a boat!

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  1. I am not looking forward to more snow either... What happened to that whole global warming idea anyway? I guess now they are talking about climate change... great way to never be wrong, the climate changes daily! (or hourly)
    Congrats on surviving another winter day in Alberta relatively unscathed!