Monday, January 10, 2011

Sleeping @ Bus Stop 4!

Yesterday was the eve of my 29th birthday (again).  I was anxious to get some rest as I had a busy day of 'FUN' and 'celebrating' to do today!  As I headed off to bed to enjoy some hours of slumber, I am greeted by this sign posted upon my headboard . . .

This sign had been put up earlier yesterday by my seven year old daughter as we played school . . . and of course how do the children get to school if not for catch the bus!  I was amazed how this silly little sign affected my ability to visit dreamland, who would think three little words above your head would cause you to lapse so deep into thought instead of sleep!  I awoke this morning with much more gratitude than ever before, thankful that if I were to spend the night sleeping at a bus stop that I was accompanied by a bed, and blankets, and heat, and lights.  I am thankful to Mikayla for enlightening me to the imagination of this experience.

As I spent today having much fun in celebration of my birthday . . . my thoughts often wandered, as nobody knew . . . I had spent last night sleeping @ Bus Stop 4!  I am so thankful and grateful for the many, many greetings and blessing I received today.  My 'love cup' runneth over!  I enjoyed messages by phone, in person, text, bbm, and fb.  Also a wonderful lunch with 2 great friends, cookies made by my fantastic daughter Morgan, and supper provided by my very own Prince Tyson - what more could a girl ask for!

My reality today was filled with Peace, Love, and Joy.  Bottom line ____ it doesn't matter who you are, or where you're from - the most important thing we all have to share is what is in our heart!  I thank you all for filling my heart by sharing yours today.

I enjoyed such a fabulous day, that I can't wait to dose off to sleep under the sign again.  So . . . from Bus Stop 4 - I  bid you goodnight!

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