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Christmas 2010 Greetings

December 19th, 2010

Dearest Family and Friends,

. . . it literally seems like yesterday we were ringing in the 2010 New Year.  Thanks to fabulous folks, the kids and I were privileged to celebrate the New Year on the coast of California.  I can’t think of anything better to start the year than a toes in the water, a$$ in the sand New Years day.  A definite reminder that life is good today . . . and everyday!

The year has been filled with many fabulous moments . . .

. . . MUSIC!  Much to my dismay Tyson and Morgan are not pursuing music lessons this fall.  They both struggled with the balance of school, friends, and activities through April, May, and June, and therefore music lessons were not continued.  I sure hope to see them pick up where they left off at a later date.  Mikayla is enrolled in her second year of piano.  She loves to play and for some reason is not a fan of theory, which anyone who has taken lessons knows, is a critical part of music growth.  She has been known to ‘misplace’ her theory book on more than one occasion!  She frequently leaves them in her book bag, and I’ve even found them ever so neatly ‘forgotten’ under the keyboard at home.  Morgan and Mikayla played at the Whitecourt Music Festival this spring, both bringing home fabulous silver certificates for their performances.  The teenagers in the house have introduced Mikayla and I to some fabulous new tunes.  I don’t understand their lack of appreciation for me grooving out with my hands in the air!  Lately, Mikayla can be heard singing “like a G6” around the house.  I’m pretty sure in their younger years, Tyson and Morgan listened to more age appropriate songs ( ie. twinkle, twinkle, little star).

. . . SCHOOL!  This school year puts the kids at three different schools.  Tyson is in grade nine at Hilltop High School, Morgan grade eight at Percy Baxter Middle School, and Mikayla grade two French immersion at St. Mary’s.  Three schools has proven to be a little hectic and occasionally enroute to school we take what I call the scenic route - the kids call it, hey mom, you forgot about me!  All three children are doing extremely well academically.  Morgan received what she calls the ‘nerd’ award for excellence in grade seven math.  Tyson works very hard at maintaining his grades and his weekly progress reports are verification of his hard word.  Mikayla continues to have her teachers wrapped around her little finger, excelling in all areas of school.  She has definitely surpassed the rest of the household with her French language and continues on her own self taught method of reading English.

. . . SPORTS!  Morgan is dancing – jazz, ballet, and lyrical this year.  She also participated in a biathlon.  She trained over the summer and completed this feat with a big smile as she bolted across the finish line in August.  Tyson and I participated in the Fallen Four fun run in June – Tyson ran five km in 26 minutes and I walked it in 53 minutes – he gave me a big ‘high 5’ as our paths crossed – him on his way home and me still plodding to the finish line.  Mikayla walked 42km for the Fallen Four Relay over the course of six weeks.  Day number two of walking, she informed me that she ‘knew’ it wasn’t going to be as much fun as she thought.  Perseverance prevailed; she finished, and has a beautiful medal as a reminder of her efforts!!  Mikayla is in the junior Figure Skating Program this fall.  She thinks we should move the table out of the dining room to allow her more practice area off the carpet.  Tyson played baseball again this spring.  We enjoyed a couple of entertaining out of town trips with a fellow team mate.  He can most often be found at the arena, hockey academy, practice, games, and reffing.  As a precautionary measure, this past week he was off the ice for four days due to some swelling in his knee – most definitely the longest 4 days of his life! 

In my own mission for improved physical fitness I landed on the IRL  - who’d a thought I’d suffer a sports injury.  I spent 4 months early this year out of commission due to a nasty leg injury (triggered by an epidural seven years ago) . . . went downhill from there.  The doc had recommended no stairs and bed rest.  If our family wished to eat, bed rest obviously wasn’t an option.  We survived the ordeal and thankfully we didn’t miss a beat!  Morgan did her fair share of cooking and believe me, tortellini is no longer our favorite meal.  Upon my return to the gym in June my leg was still giving me some grief so I took to the water for swimming lessons.  I’ve always loved the water, but preferred being on it NOT in it.  I did master 50 m of what I call beached whale hooplah!!  I still don’t like swimming but am proud of my accomplishment.  This fall, I’ve again taken some time off at the gym – no not injured, simply a case of tired, cranky, lazy butt syndrome!

. . . LIFE!  Tyson again spent time at Papa and Oma’s over the summer.  In celebration of Oma’s 65th birthday on July 2nd, he obtained his learners permit.  June and July he spent a lot of hours chauffeuring Papa around the countryside!  Tyson appears to be a very cautious and aware driver, however he doesn’t like to drive with me as in his opinion, I’m too naggy – imagine me, a naggy mom?  I tell him he’s lucky that I’ve wisdom to share with him, he just isn’t willing to accept it yet.

Morgan spends a great deal of time babysitting and can often be found with a youngster nestled upon her lap.  She seems to attract small children to her side wherever she goes.  She still loves to shop – in fact her and I spent yesterday at WEM.  Thankfully we escaped the mall unscathed by the rush of Christmas shoppers.  She continues to be the warden at home, ensuring that everyone is pulling his or her weight.  She holds us all accountable, and believe me, we’ll gladly keep our word over receiving the wrath of Morgan!

Mikayla spends countless hours playing and dreaming.  She can still transform our home in a matter of minutes, into a hotel, school, library or store – her latest venture, a hospital.  I tell you she gives a nasty needle.  I’m surprised at her interest in hospitals as she has a long history of fainting and a definite dislike for talk about ‘blood or bones’.  She as well loves to shop (may be genetics she inherited from her big sister).  She recently informed me that she’d like to travel . . . to Paris and New York . . . to SHOP!  I didn’t know seven year olds knew anything about Paris or New York, hmmm!  Overall this girl is much, much wiser than her years!

As for me, I GREATLY enjoy having moved my office out of the house – allows me to remain fully attentive both at home and at work.  I continue to focus on spending my time and energy on things that fill my life with more peace, love, and joy.  My workload had seriously slid due to the down turn in economy the last few years.  I am thankful to have several new accounting clients this fall.  This past year I was involved in a few interior decorating projects and hope to pursue more in the year to come.  I’ve been exploring distant learning options and plan to obtain some further education in the near future – Psychology is my subject of choice – watch out world! 

As you are aware, I usually have lots to say!  I find it easy to expel my thoughts, emotions, and feelings through written words.  I decided to combine these two attributes and have recently started a blog.   I invite you to check out ‘I Believe . . . ‘ at   

This is my 14th annual Christmas letter.  I must admit, I hadn’t planned on writing this year.  I had several people suggest that I not send Christmas greetings as a way to more efficiently use my time, and to cut down of my pre-Christmas jitters.  My initial decision to not write saddened me!  I absolutely love the exchange of greeting at this time of year and look forward to it on an annual basis.  I had an ‘aha’ moment when I read a note I received in the mail which explained how we all give in different ways . . . a portion of the note stated:  . . . some do it with words – and I realized, that is me!  I felt I was denying being my own self by not writing and actually succumbing to the suggestion of others – definitely not how I operate!  So this letter is last minute – mind you not different than any of the 13 previous years.  As part of my financial conservation mode (bahumbug), the kids and I did not have family pictures taken this year.   I can’t say that we don’t know a photographer as it is quite the contrary, seems we know many, many talented camera people.  In lieu of photos, we opted for a caricature version of ourselves.

I trust this note finds everyone healthy and happy, preparing your hearts and homes for this Christmas Season!  

You’re wonderful, we love you!  We’re blessed as can be.
Friends and Family are the best gifts, under the Christmas tree.

Sending you loads of love, laughter, hugs and smiles,

Laura, Tyson, Morgan, and Mikayla

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