Monday, November 22, 2010

Today's Thoughts and Prayers . . .

In recent days I know two families who have suffered the loss of loved ones, one unexpectedly and one to a battle with cancer. Words cannot express the sorrow I feel for these families right now. I trust that they will lean on the strength and love of the people that surround them at this time. Memories of their loved ones shall be forever cherished by family and friends. My heart goes out to the Roy-Kozakevich and Linquist-Shepherd families.

Yesterday morning a friend posted a link, in essence on the long term effects of native Americans having attended residential schools. I've had the privilege of working with adults whom attended these schools and was astounded by the stories I heard. Their stories sincerely sent shivers down my spine, my heart ached for them and their circumstances. I thank and commend TB for writing this post. Through education and awareness - I Believe . . . we can make a difference!

Although, personally I've never experienced the unexpected loss of a loved one, the loss of someone to cancer, nor the effects of residential schools, I can only imagine the thoughts, feelings, emotions, and impact you are experiencing right now. I feel your pain. I Believe . . . trust, and hope that love, time, and understanding shall heal your wounds.

Through experience, I know that we all grieve and heal in different manners. Whole heartedly, my thoughts and prayers are with you . . .

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