Monday, November 29, 2010

Happy to be me!

A little girl lost in time
Frustrated and angry . . .wanted to hide

Years go by and life unfolds
The little girl has much to behold

Events, situations, memories galore
Some are precious, some knock her to the floor

Strength and courage she drudges on
The path winds and tangles at each new dawn

Having acceptance . . .
now each holding a special place in her heart

Her heart is filled with inner peace
Seems life has granted her a new lease

Her biggest wish, to share her joy
With those she loves, like a brand new toy

Ever so thankful for each days gift
Angels among us, they do lift

Love and pride, compassion and joy
are wonderful gifts that she does see

Above all else, so happy to be me!

 - Laura Davey, June 2009

I never paid as much attention as I should have in Mr. Johnson's 10, 20, 30 English classes.  Something about Shakespeare bored me to tears.  As a result of not giving my full attention to English in High School, poetry is not my forte - however, Natalie made me do it!  I wrote this at 'The Quest' retreat in June 2009.  Nestled among the mountains of King's Fold with an old friend (I'm not talking age) and some wonderful new friends.

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