Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Gratuity List

A little project my kids and I enjoyed together ~ Thanksgiving 2010

We are graciously grateful and forever thankful for the wonderful blessing in our lives.  In adopting an attitude of gratitude the 'turkey lurkeys' and I put together an A to Z gratitude list in honor of this Thanksgiving Holiday!!  

A - Angels among us, adventure, abundance
B - Bestest buds, bridges to cross, brothers, beaches, beans, big trucks
C - Cherished children, cookies to steal in the cookie jar, clothes, chai tea latte
D - Divorce lawyers, dance, dads, dreams
E - Empathy
F - FAMILY & FRIENDS, fifty 3, forty 4, figure skating, freedom, food, facebook
G - Goalies, GPS
H - Hope, hockey, hugs, honesty, humor, holidays
I - Independance day, integrity
J - Joy, journey
K - KraZy kids, Keith Urban,
L - Love, lifes lessons, learning, lakes, life
M - Morgan and Mikayla, me, music, moms, my turkey lurkeys
N - NHL, neighbors
O - Optimism, Oma, O' Canada, oceans
P - Passion, Papa, productivity, purpose, pickles, pandora, peace
Q - Quality time
R - Reality, rivers
S - Shit creek paddle store, seesters, sarcasm, shelter, spanky vehicular devices, starbucks
T - Tyson, tears, tropics, twitter, Thelma Box
U - as in YOU, understanding, united cycle
V - Virtual world, vitamin 'caffeine'
W - WWW, wishes, weekends
Y - You
Z - Zamboni

Was a fun weekends project and of course are listed in no particular order.  Wishing you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving y'all eh!!!

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  1. I absolutely LOVE this idea Laura - will be doing this with my girls!

    Thanks so much - with much love & gratitude for YOU!