Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I am thrilled, overwhelmed, surprised, yet excited to have had over 500 'hits' on this website in the first week.  Many of you have asked what my plans or intentions are with 'the blog', and quite honestly, I hadn't thought that far ahead!  For those who know me well, that may come as a bit of a surprise.  I am one who usually has things planned, and executed to the nth degree, before I breathe a word to anyone about what I'm up to.  Well, here's to a new leaf being turned!

I've had a busy, exhausting week!  Somewhat like buyers remorse - the whole intensity and excitement of preparing, building and publishing the blog and then . . . poof, zapped of energy and when questioned by peers as to my plans . . . I find myself wondering 'what was I thinking?'  My son told me "Mom, you're an All-Star!" . . . now coming from a 14 year old who wears his heart on his sleeve . . . I didn't know what to think!  He says to me "blog, facebook, twitter, website, what's next" and I was stumped for an answer!

At a recent gathering,  I had the pleasure of chatting and catching up with two dear women, Auntie I and Auntie Joan. In conversation, I asked Auntie Joan about her family, a portion of her response was "well, just like the rest of us, they all have their ups and downs."  That my dear friends is honesty and was somewhat of an 'aha' moment for me!  So often, we hide behind the facade of our choice, be it work, stuff, things, emotions - pretending everything is perfect, ultimately choosing not to share our trials and tribulation with those whom matter the most to us.

I've been thinking . . . yeah, I know, it scares me too, not to mention hurts my head!  Truth be known, I was probably thinking before the 'All-Star' status and 'aha' moment, just not as brightly!  I'm a thinker, that's what I do and in my hours of thought I've acknowledged that my main reason for blogging is to openly and honestly share 'me' and my own life experiences, trials, and tribulations.  By doing so, I hope to encourage others to grow, heal, and learn about themselves and others.  I'm not perfect, although damn close, and have an amazing sense of humor I might add!  As Auntie Joan said "we all have our ups and downs" . . . I believe it's how we deal with them that makes the difference.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Happy to be me!

A little girl lost in time
Frustrated and angry . . .wanted to hide

Years go by and life unfolds
The little girl has much to behold

Events, situations, memories galore
Some are precious, some knock her to the floor

Strength and courage she drudges on
The path winds and tangles at each new dawn

Having acceptance . . .
now each holding a special place in her heart

Her heart is filled with inner peace
Seems life has granted her a new lease

Her biggest wish, to share her joy
With those she loves, like a brand new toy

Ever so thankful for each days gift
Angels among us, they do lift

Love and pride, compassion and joy
are wonderful gifts that she does see

Above all else, so happy to be me!

 - Laura Davey, June 2009

I never paid as much attention as I should have in Mr. Johnson's 10, 20, 30 English classes.  Something about Shakespeare bored me to tears.  As a result of not giving my full attention to English in High School, poetry is not my forte - however, Natalie made me do it!  I wrote this at 'The Quest' retreat in June 2009.  Nestled among the mountains of King's Fold with an old friend (I'm not talking age) and some wonderful new friends.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Today's Thoughts and Prayers . . .

In recent days I know two families who have suffered the loss of loved ones, one unexpectedly and one to a battle with cancer. Words cannot express the sorrow I feel for these families right now. I trust that they will lean on the strength and love of the people that surround them at this time. Memories of their loved ones shall be forever cherished by family and friends. My heart goes out to the Roy-Kozakevich and Linquist-Shepherd families.

Yesterday morning a friend posted a link, in essence on the long term effects of native Americans having attended residential schools. I've had the privilege of working with adults whom attended these schools and was astounded by the stories I heard. Their stories sincerely sent shivers down my spine, my heart ached for them and their circumstances. I thank and commend TB for writing this post. Through education and awareness - I Believe . . . we can make a difference!

Although, personally I've never experienced the unexpected loss of a loved one, the loss of someone to cancer, nor the effects of residential schools, I can only imagine the thoughts, feelings, emotions, and impact you are experiencing right now. I feel your pain. I Believe . . . trust, and hope that love, time, and understanding shall heal your wounds.

Through experience, I know that we all grieve and heal in different manners. Whole heartedly, my thoughts and prayers are with you . . .

Monday, November 15, 2010

THIS IS ME - Mindy McCready

Everyone said I was a strong willed child
But I was just developing my own style
Why pay a price being independent
If the rule won't break I'm going to bend it
I'm soft like a woman
Strong like a man
Easy to love and hard to understand

This is me take it or leave it
My own girl you better believe it
What you see is what I am and who I want to be
This is me

Never been afraid to speak my mind
Lay my heart out on the line
I've had my share of wrong directions
Ya but everybodies got a few imperfections
Spend alot of time getting this way
And baby im never going to change

This is me take it or leave it
My own girl you better believe it
What you see is what I am and who I want to be
This is me

Why would I want to be anyone else
When it feels so good just being myself

This is me take it or leave it
My own girl you better believe it
What you see is what I am and who I want to be
This is me

This is me

I ain’t no ordinary girl! Definitely not your typical all-American house wife nor your white picket fence kind of girl! What you see is what you get –no frills–no strings attached! As Mindy McCready says "This is me, take it or leave it."

For those of you lucky enough to have experienced the Choices program . . . this was 'my' song.   I recall my original stretch assignment of 'Strut' by Sheena Easton and arguing with Armand - I was NOT going to do it!  Through my unwillingness to S T R E T C H as Thelma intended, I probably succumbed to every self defeating game on the list.  Well, dear Thelma and Armand . . . I beleive . . . is my 's-t-r-e-t-c-h' and I consider this blog my willingness and ability to 'strut'.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I BELIEVE IN YOU ~ Amanda Marshall

Somewhere there's a river, looking for a stream
Somewhere there's a dreamer, looking for a dream
Somewhere there's a drifter, trying to find its way
Somewhere someone's waiting to hear somebody say

I believe in you, and I can't even count the ways that
I believe in you, and I want to do is help you to believe in you

Somewhere someone's reaching trying to grab that ring
Somewhere there's a silent voice learning how to sing
Some of us can't move ahead we're paralyzed with fear
And everybody's waiting, to hear somebody say

I believe in you, and I can't even count the ways that
I believe in you, and I want to do is help you to believe in you

I believe in you, and I can't even count the ways that
I believe in you, and all I want to do is help you to believe in you

I will hold you up
I will help you stand I will comfort you when you need a friend
I will be the voice that's calling I (hold till fade)

I believe in you and I can't even count the ways that
I believe in you and there are just so many ways that
I believe in you and all I want to do is help you to believe in you

I find music inspiring.  This song summarizes my belief that we as human kind are ALL ONE and that each of us holds basic common needs of love and respect for where we are and where we've been.

Gratuity List

A little project my kids and I enjoyed together ~ Thanksgiving 2010

We are graciously grateful and forever thankful for the wonderful blessing in our lives.  In adopting an attitude of gratitude the 'turkey lurkeys' and I put together an A to Z gratitude list in honor of this Thanksgiving Holiday!!  

A - Angels among us, adventure, abundance
B - Bestest buds, bridges to cross, brothers, beaches, beans, big trucks
C - Cherished children, cookies to steal in the cookie jar, clothes, chai tea latte
D - Divorce lawyers, dance, dads, dreams
E - Empathy
F - FAMILY & FRIENDS, fifty 3, forty 4, figure skating, freedom, food, facebook
G - Goalies, GPS
H - Hope, hockey, hugs, honesty, humor, holidays
I - Independance day, integrity
J - Joy, journey
K - KraZy kids, Keith Urban,
L - Love, lifes lessons, learning, lakes, life
M - Morgan and Mikayla, me, music, moms, my turkey lurkeys
N - NHL, neighbors
O - Optimism, Oma, O' Canada, oceans
P - Passion, Papa, productivity, purpose, pickles, pandora, peace
Q - Quality time
R - Reality, rivers
S - Shit creek paddle store, seesters, sarcasm, shelter, spanky vehicular devices, starbucks
T - Tyson, tears, tropics, twitter, Thelma Box
U - as in YOU, understanding, united cycle
V - Virtual world, vitamin 'caffeine'
W - WWW, wishes, weekends
Y - You
Z - Zamboni

Was a fun weekends project and of course are listed in no particular order.  Wishing you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving y'all eh!!!

Daily Prayer of Acceptance

I accept myself completely.
I accept my strengthes and my weaknesses, my gifts and my shortcomings.
I accept myself completely as a human being.
I accept that I am here to learn and grow, and
I accept that I am learning and growing.
I accept the personality I've developed, and
I accept my power to heal and change.

I accept myself without condition or reservation.
I accept that the core of my being is goodness and that my essence is love, and
I accept that I sometimes forget that.

I accept myself completely, and in this acceptance
I find an ever-deepening inner strength.
From this place of strength, I accept my life fully and
I am open to the lessons it offers me each day.

I accept that within my mind are both fear and love, and
I accept my power to choose which I will experience as real.
I recognize that I experience only the results of my own choices.
I accept the times that I choose fear as part of my learning and healing process, and
I accept that I have the potential and power in any moment to choose love instead.

I accept mistakes as part of growth,
I am willing to forgive myself and give myself another chance.
I accept that my life is the expression of my thought, and
I commit myself to alligning my thoughts more and more each day with the Thought of Love.
I accept that I am an expression of this Love.
I am Love's hands, voice, and heart on Earth.

I accept my own life as a blessing and a gift.
My heart is open to recieve, and I am deeply grateful.
May I always share the gifts that I receive fully, freely, and joyfully.
I accept all that I was, all that I am, and all that I choose to become.

I first pasted this poem on a vision board I constructed in June of 2009.  At this time, each line was a stretch.  As I shared with my beautiful friend Margaret, having this poem on my vision board truly gave me something to aspire to.  I recently posted this on facebook - for me it was an accountability check . . . as I would strive to live it completely having shared my intentions with friends.